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Arguably Marvels’ most successful spin-off from the Marvel franchise, raking in billions of dollars in earnings from Comic Books, Hollywood blockbusters including both X-Men and Wolverine and merchandise sales, the X-Men Slot Machine was the perfect way to accentuate an already formidable earner.

It has been over a decade since the release of the very first film and there seems to be no signs of stopping. With two more films already being made (The Wolverine and X-men: Days of Future Past) and many more sure to come in the pipeline, we can be hopeful that several more great slot machines will be released over the coming years in partnership with the growing franchise. But in the meantime, this one hasn’t done a bad job building the suspense.

Featuring all of your favorite ‘good’ characters from Wolverine to Storm and Cyclops to Dr Xavier, then a load of the your’ not so favourite ‘evil’ characters, including Magneto, Mystique, Lady Deathstrike and Juggernaut – this slot machine has them all and a whole lot more to offer. Just like some of the other Marvel slot machines, the X-Men Slot Machine gives you a max bet of £1,250 and a max win of 100,000x line bet (that’s a whopping £50 at the highest for those of you for feeling like you want to make or break it all).

Bonus Round

Spin yourself three of the Scatter symbols on your screen and enjoy a rather peculiar, but all the more enjoyable, X-Men Slot bonus round.

You are pushed into a round with only good guys and of course, wild symbols, where you can enjoy huge win combinations that pay outrageous amounts of money. The free spins are actually unlimited or until a Red symbol (Magneto) appears on the middle reel (there’s only 1 so it’s not that easy) – which will take you to the Villains board where you are limited to a total of 8 free spins. Fear not though – should the blue symbol (Professor Xavier) appear on the middle reel – you are transported back into the heroes section where you will continue to enjoy your unlimited free spins again. This continues until you have completed all 8 spins of the Villains board at which point you will revert back to the normal ‘pay as you spin’ board.

There is actually an additional ‘X Factor’ bonus which you can achieve should 5 of the good guys occupy the middle X symbol positions on the reels. That’s top line 2 + 4, middle line 3 and bottom line 2 + 4 again. Should this appear on your screen, you will enjoy 5x the value of your bet up to a maximum of £6,250.

The Progressive Pot

Just like all other Marvel slot machines, you get another shot at riches with the Marvel Progressive Jackpot which is triggered randomly during your normal game. Although this is exceptionally rare, the subsequent appearance of the 4×5 board is sure to bring joy to the face of any player as they pick from the 20 squares until they match a set of 3 of the same symbols. There are actually 4 Jackpots to be won from the minor – seeded and always starting at $50, to the largest Jackpot which, thanks to a large seed, will always exceed $100,000!

If all of that hasn’t sold you yet, we have chosen a few of our favorite casino and gambling sites above where you can play the remarkable X-Men slot machine and many of them offer great first deposit offers and some even have free spins on offer. Whether you are a Marvel fan or just tempted by this incredible slot machine, check it out today … you’re certain not to be disappointed!

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