History of Slots

A true history of the slot machine spans well over 100 years from the first one being built in 1887 to the latest hi-tech, multi bonus rounded, multi pay line and diversely themed slot machines that are available on the internet today. However, here are some of the major highlights in the life of the slot machine.

The first slot machine was produced by a mechanic in California by the name of Charles Fey. Although Fey built the first slot machines in California, he had to sell them in other states as California, at that time, had a ban on any form of gambling. This did not hinder the slot machine from becoming popular though and by 1891, they were becoming popular throughout the country.

This popularity of the fairly new phenomenon prompted Sittman and Pitts, manufacturers from New York, to develop their own version. The two different versions of the slots varied greatly, the California one had only 3 reels whilst the New York one had 5 and where Fey had used hearts, spades, diamonds, horseshoes and bells as symbols, Sittman and Pitts used regular playing cards. Although both versions would pay out for matching symbols when the reels stopped, the New York version would also payout on any winning poker hand that was able to be formed.

Slot machines did not really appear to look much different until Bally manufacturers produced Money Honey in 1963. This newly developed slot was the first to be fully electromechanical and also the first to allow payouts of up to 500 coins to be made without the need of an attendant.

Major changes to slot machines next happened in 1976 when the first video slots were introduced to the Las Vegas Strip. These new slot machines used technology that allowed the manufacturers to build slot machines with varying pay out lines and themes which again increased the popularity of the slot machine, making it now the most profitable activity for any casino owner.

The diversity and variety of slot machines has once again rapidly grown since they were more recently introduced to being played on line.

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